Titan’s Dream Draft

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Seeing as the draft is officially three days away I thought it would be a good idea to describe, in my mind, what the dream situation would be for the Titans.  The Titans are team with lots and lots of holes, most notably under center.  On top of that they need a guard, some defensive line help, a linebacker and maybe a corner or safety.  All in all something that can easily be fixed in a weekend right?  Doubtful.  But they could come close.

Round 1

As the commish announces the San Francisco 49er’s draft pick and says the Titans are on the clock the dream would begin with Julio Jones still on the board.  But wait didn’t I say that the Titans don’t need a WR?  You’re right I didn’t.  What makes this a dream come true is that St. Louis is on the phone.  They want to send a first, third and sixth round pick for the ability to take Jones.  Reinfeldt doesn’t hesitate and says OK.  Later in the evening when the Titans name is called again Reinsfeldt himself sprints to the commish to give him the card with “Mike Pouncey” on it.  Now the Titans can shift Fernando Velasco back to the bench where he belongs.

Titans go home now, happy with their under the radar addition right?  Wrong.  They have two picks in the third round now.  Time to use them.  They call New Orleans and offer their second, third and 2 fourth round picks for their first round pick and a fourth.  That’s a no brainer and now Tennessee has their biggest need right where they want him: Mallet, Ponder or Dalton.  Tough choice.  Titans go winning pedigree to help right their ship and take Andy Dalton.

The Titans are able to come home comfortable with their addition of a couple franchise staples.

Round 2

The Titans spend this time admiring their pseudo-2nd round pick of Andy Dalton.  Owner Bud Adams has himself another Texan at QB and is overheard saying how he just canceled the last two checks to Vince Young as revenge for ruining his team.

Round 3

The Titans wake up to a very pleasant surprise.  There are still good players who have slipped though Round 2.  And they like them.  Mainly DE Allen Bailey from Miami.  You know anyone who goes to Miami is going to be athletically sound and Bailey doesn’t disappoint.  When their turn comes up they do cartwheels bringing up Bailey’s name.

Round 4

The Titans are happy thus far.  Pouncey, Dalton and Bailey have been a beautiful crop of players.  Now they call up Offensive Line Coach Bruce Matthews for help on defense.  Why on defense?  Because he has intimate knowledge of who the Titans want with their first of two picks.  To help shore up the linebacking corps the Titans use their first pick on Casey Matthews.  They go for a proven winner and smart player to help fill a need again.  Chimdi Chekwa will be a great addition and help them improve their pass defense.

Round 5

The Titans are liking what they are seeing fall to them right now.  Now they need depth.  Staring at them is a great athlete in Tyler Sash, safety from Iowa.  Sash is a tough, durable playmaker who could fit perfectly along side of Mike Griffin.  Sash is a good character guy, a leader, and yet another winner to help turn around the franchise.

Round 6

This is where the great teams separate themselves.  They are the ones always finding steals.  This year the Titans got their eyes set on two possible steals.  The first one they will grab is from the great state of Idaho.  Pat Enderle will be able to come in and push Rusty Smith for the backup role to Dalton.

The second will be defensive tackle Ian Williams from Notre Dame.  Williams isn’t the flashiest but he has a motor that doesn’t stop going and is great in spurts.  The Titans are happy to take a guy that will fit perfectly.

Round 7

The Titans are sitting pretty.  Mel Kiper just gave them a B (a sure sign that it’s going to be a good draft.  You never want the kiss of death, an “A”).  Waiting for them in the 7th and final round is a good slot receiver from Hawaii in Kealoha Pilares.  Pilares has some inflated numbers based on Hawaii’s scheme but he’s a powerfully built receiver who can work well underneath the coverage and get yards.

The Titans go home pretty happy with themselves.  The managed to fill their most glaring needs and added some much needed depth in other places.  They have brought in a franchise center in Mike Pouncey and quarterback of the future in Andy Dalton.  They got some help on the defensive line in Allen Bailey and Ian Williams.  The defensive secondary is bolstered with Chimdi Chekwa and Tyler Sash.  And as a little depth they have brought in Tyler Enderle and Kealoha Pilares to add some depth and make the team more competitive.  Mel Kiper and Todd McShay knock on the war room door to congratulate the staff of the Tennessee Titans.  As they walk through the do–

Mike Reinfeldt’s alarm goes off.  5:30 Thursday morning.  Time to get to work to make that dream a reality.


Before I say anything else, I want to say this: I am a strong believer and proponent of the First Amendment.  We all have the right to say what we believe at any time.

But for some people it is just time to stop.  Mainly the people at Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas.  You know who these people are.  They are the ones who form picket lines at soldiers’ funerals.  They are the ones who picketed Corretta Scott King’s funeral.  They picket anything homosexual, Catholic, Jewish and Muslim.  Now they are picketed the funeral of the 9-year-old girl who was killed in the Arizona shooting.

Why in the world would they find reason to picket an innocent 9-year-old.  What could a 9-year-old possibly do that could draw the wrath of this “church”.  Well according to the according to the church’s own website, godhatesfags.com, it is because she was an idolater with no moral compass who worshiped the dead.  I’m serious.  Go check it out on their website if you don’t believe me.  It also says that since she was raised in the Catholic Church she helped pay the salary for pedophile rapists.  Again, I’m not joking.  The press release ended with “God cut this child off.  Obey or Perish!”

I discovered this picket plan after seeing the church’s plan to picket the funerals of the other victims of the Arizona shooting.  Not only do they plan to picket the funerals, they hail the shooter as a hero.  “Thank God for the shooter-6 dead!”  “God appointed this rod for your sins.  God sent the shooter!”  This was so outlandish that I had to double-check to make sure this was true.  The church removed the posts from their website, but this is where I found out the plans to picket a 9 year old’s funeral.

This little girl’s family has gone through enough.  To have to bury their daughter, a girl who Time Magazine once dubbed one of the “Faces of Hope” when she was born on 9/11/01, at such a young age will be the most difficult thing they will ever do.  But to have to worry about having to drive by and listen to members of the Westboro Baptist Church will be excruciating.

Now there are some states who have set laws in place that do not allow picketing or protesting with in a certain distance from an entrance of cemetery for funerals.  The United States government even passed something that prevents this during military funerals.  The head of the county’s GOP has stated that he will not support any sort of bill in his area.  He says it encroached on the First Amendment.  His plan is to simply stand in front of the picketers.  That plan will not work.

It is time for all states to pass laws like this.  The WBC is banned from the UK.  The US government has acted against them.  Numerous states have as well.  It is time for the rest of the country to follow suit.  We have to come together to combat these people and allow families to have the closure that funerals can bring.

Vince Young is Who?

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Four years ago as the NFL Draft approached I clearly announced my distaste for Vince Young.  I stated plain and simply that he would be a terrible NFL quarterback and compared him with another NFL Draft bust of epic proportions.  Now as we are in the fifth season, Titan fans have been rewarded with one winning season from Vince Young.  And I have to say that I think that we now have a pretty decent sample size.  And for this I will compare these two players from a pre-draft standpoint and Vince’s best season to his twin’s comparative season.

Scouting Report:

Player A:
He has great physical skills including size, speed & arm accuracy.  He has a strong-arm, a nice quick release and great passing skills, but he is still somewhat inconsistent.  He needs to improve on his overall judgment and decision-making, but it is probably more of a case of lack of experience. As he continues to learn to read defenses he will dramatically improve as a player. He may have the highest upside of this group, but is probably the most “raw” of the elite quarterbacks entering in the draft. If the NFL team that drafts him is patient, they will be rewarded in time with an excellent player.

Player B:
Sensational athlete with a high upside. Possesses a quick release and can throw all the passes. Sells the ball fakes, withstands the rush and leads receivers between the hashes. Nicely times the outs, loses nothing throwing on the move and improvises when plays break down.  A pressure player who performs brilliantly when the game’s on the line, Young has the underlying skills to be a franchise quarterback at the next level. Needs a tremendous amount of work from the ground up, yet a perfect choice for a franchise building for the future rather than a team expecting immediate results.

Best Season:

Player A:
15G*     240/435     55.1%     2349 yards     8 TD     15 INT

Player B:
15G      283/382     62.3%     2546 yards      9 TD      17 INT

Obviously one of these players is Vince Young.  The other is Akili Smith.  Yes, that Akili Smith.  Now would you like to guess which player is which.  It’s almost hard to tell isn’t it.  They’re just so similar.  Player A is Akili Smith and Player B is Vince.  Scary huh?  I projected Smith’s stats over the same amount of games that Vince played in his best season based on Smith’s averages over the games that he started.

What about Young’s ability to run the ball you ask?  That makes up for his lack of throwing ability right?  Well Smith never rushed for a TD during his best statistical season so I can’t project how many he would get accurately but let’s just say he’d get one.  That compares to Young’s 3.  Yardage wise is where it gets interesting.  Young rushed for 395 on 93 carries.  If I were to push Smith to 15 games like young had he would have rushed for 317 on 56 carries.  That’s a 4.2 YPC for Young against a whopping 5.7 for Smith.

So really is Vince just a Akili Smith clone?  Probably not, Young did win games.  But if it were possible Smith did have a less talented group of recievers that Young had (no really its true).  Smith had Peter Warrick, Craig Yeast, and Tony McGee.  Young had Roydell Williams, Justin Gage and Bo Scaife.  Not much better but still better.  Looking at this comparison it should make it easier for Titan fans to say good-bye to Vince Young.

Sumner County Board of Education is about to propose a book rating guide in the high schools to decide what books are available for students to read and what books are available for teachers to teach.

This article specifically mentions Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck as being filth due to it’s racial slurs and inappropriate language.  The individual who is proposing this said that his daughter felt the book didn’t fulfill her Christian values.  If you are unfamiliar with the book it is about two men in the great depression working.  One man befriending and watching over an oversized, mentally-handicapped individual throughout the story.  I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure there isn’t too much that is more “Christian” than that.

Along with other things that the proposal would want to remove from the classroom is Mark Twain, Toni Morrison, and none other than William Shakespeare among many, many others.

Romeo and Juliet would be banned for teen suicide.  Never mind the fact that the story is about two ignorant families whose children rise above the ignorance to see the beauty in people.  Macbeth would be banned because there is murder in it and the word ‘damn’.  Forget about the fact that is a story of warning about greed and how it sticks with you.  Julius Caesar would be banned because, again, murder is present.  Who cares about the fact that it is simply a story warning about blind ambition and not judging a book by its cover.

Huckleberry Finn would be out because of racial slurs, despite the story being about a white boy helping a slave escape.  Homer would be banned because there is non-Christian gods present.  Same with “Beowulf”.  Oscar Wilde is out because he’s gay.  F. Scott Fitzgerald is out because he’s a drinker.  The Bible wouldn’t even be able to be taught because of the presence of rape, murder, incest, sex, language, etc.  There could be a reason to ban any book that could be brought up.

While we are removing things based on this man’s “plan” don’t forget about removing most of the history curriculum too.  After all war is involved in history, along with plenty more “non Christian values.”  And I guess we couldn’t teach Science any more since that is mostly non Christian.  Math would be a stretch so maybe we could teach that.  Foreign Languages and Geography would be alright as well.

So with this plan we would be teacher our children grammar, math, geography and foreign languages.  What happens when a child wants to go to college and has to take the ACT or SAT?  Will we accept failure on the reading part of things simply because we wanted to shelter our children?  When a child goes to college the professors assign reading assignments.  And no matter the major, English classes are require at least two to be exact.  College professors don’t care about your objections either.  Read or don’t, it’s not their problem.

But the more you attempt to shelter children by disguising the truths of the real world the more you harm their future.  Too often children are shielded from hurt, pain, failure and the evils of the world.  When they are finally set to these things they are unsure how to react.  Is there a better teaching point than in fiction, where the characters aren’t real but the problems are?  Then why ban the books?

For the article click here: http://tinyurl.com/262rgtv


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Let me say first that very rarely will I ever voice my opinions about politics.  Ever.  For one thing, people just get too passionate about them and take offense too easily – me, I just don’t see the point in the passion.  For another there is little that is said and done with ulterior motives so I have trouble believing anything.

But today what’s gotten me so annoyed and perturbed is people’s anger about the proposed community center to be built a couple blocks from Ground Zero in New York City.  Yes the community center will be a Muslim community center with prayer areas.  And to many people, that means it shouldn’t be allowed to be that close to the site where the World Trade Centers once stood.  To these same people things simply got worse when President Obama said that he would support the building of the center.  This created yet another uproar about how terrible the President is.

Well before we jump too far into that whole mess let’s clear one thing up.  It’s something that many people have apparently forgot from their high school government class: the first amendment.  It says more than just stuff about freedom of speech. It also speaks of freedom of religion.  To quote: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.  Now Congress isn’t making any laws here but do you really think the President can, or should, ignore that line and speak against a form of religion?

Secondly, the proposed community center isn’t a mosque.  It will be a prayer center which will also hold a center for the arts and interfaith events to name a few other things the building will house.  That doesn’t sound like anything too terrible or malicious does it?  Yet people are acting as if this building is just a shrine to the events of 9/11.

That is just a joke.  If it were on the site of the World Trade Towers it would have a little more credence but blocks away is just foolish.  There are at least two strips clubs in the same radius, are those there to honor the fallen?  Does everything in that area need to revolve around that site?  I agree that a memorial should be put up to honor those that have fallen but to refuse anything that could be seen as middle eastern is idiotic.

In the world, it is estimated that there is 1.57 billion Muslims.  That’s 5 times the amount of people in the United States.  The United States produces its fair share of bad apples (no one would argue that) and violent religious fanatics (Waco, TX anyone?).  But we, as a country, assume that all other groups should be completely peaceful and produce nothing but stand up individuals.  In any group there are extremes from good to bad.  It also always seems the bad will overshadow the good because the good rarely makes as much noise as the bad.

There is nothing to show that this community center is there to celebrate 9/11.  Only people who are unwilling to understand difference.

There is a Japanese steak house two miles from Pearl Harbor.  A sushi bar even closer.  Is anyone taking offense to this?

In light of the run that the US Soccer team had in the World Cup this year there is soccer mania all over the country.  In honor of that I’m going to start a series of posts about soccer in the US and changes that could be with FIFA.  Give you some idea of how things are, will be, and could be.  

This soccer mania has brought a lot of business to many bar owners throughout the past 3 weeks.  Bars were packed, over 19 million people watched the game against Ghana.  However, after that though I’m sure the numbers have significantly dropped off.  And the more I’ve looked at I can finally see the real reason why.

Actually there are a couple of reasons why soccer just won’t catch on in the United States and supplant sports like football or basketball.  The first most obvious reason is that it’s just plain boring.  Now don’t take that the wrong way, I personally love soccer and there are so many aspects to it that it’s plenty exciting to me.  And to someone who really knows soccer knows that the build-up is often the most exciting part, the goal is just the reward.  

But to the average sports fan, soccer is quite possibly the most dull sport possible.  Think about basketball, fast paced play up and down the court with teams having 40 seconds to score.  This compared to soccer where a goal can happen 2 minutes into the game (Germany vs Argentina) or 82 minutes into the game (Spain vs Paraguay).  There is plenty of up and down play but many times its just passing back and forth which can grow old and boring to some.  

While watching the US vs Ghana game one of my friends made a humorous observation.  “This sport would be better if they used they hands more.  Maybe organized everyone a little bit more and ran specific directions, plays almost.  And maybe take breaks some between these plays.  And to make it more high scoring give them more than just one point when they score.”  

Amazing how quickly soccer can become football.  But when hearing this you have to wonder how many people could have thought the same thing.  And its easy to see why people in a tough, hard-nosed, blue-collar country prefer football where the players play through pain over soccer where players go down when bumped and roll around like they’d been shot (the problem of “flopping” will be tackled in a later post).  

You notice I didn’t compare soccer to baseball.  Mainly because I think soccer can overtake baseball.  Baseball is also a slow sport with slow action.  On top of that there isn’t the same type of “all-american” feel to baseball that there was in the past when it got the moniker of the National Pastime.  

Hockey is a sport that pre-lockout was one of the country’s top 4 sports but soccer has already overtaken it in the number 4 position.  What’s interesting is that this is the sport most like soccer.  Little scoring, can be fast paced but not always, and little organization.  

There is hope for soccer in the America.  It is the number one youth sport played in the US, even over football or basketball.  There are English Premier League games on every weekend on ESPN during their season.  The MLS is on a couple of times a week during their season.  The Champions League final was aired on FOX in weekend prime time for the first time ever.  And the best thing for US Soccer would be if America was chosen as the host for the 2018 World Cup.  Imagine World Cup fever that’s been going around the past couple weeks multiplied.  That would be what would happen then.  

Soccer will never be able to become the top sport in America.  But with a little luck and continued exposure it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibilities for soccer to become number 3.  Which would be a huge.

USA vs Algeria

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Imagine you walk into your boss’s office and you’re told that you’ve been given a promotion and a 50% raise.  Your career is exploding and you’ll be rolling in the money too.  As you open the door to leave the office your name is called and your boss yells ‘GOTCHA’ and starts laughing.  You’re then informed that you’re getting no promotion or raise and that you’re needed to work on Saturday for the next six weeks.

That’s probably about how the United States soccer team felt at the end of their game against Slovenia.  They scored a game winning goal to complete an incredible comeback to only have the goal curiously disallowed.  Now the Americans have to pick themselves up, forget about the no-goal and win against Algeria.  If they lose, the United States will go home embarrassed.  If they tie, they need the right circumstances to happen in order to advance.  However if they are able to win, they go on to the Round of 16 no questions asked.  Here’s how things can go right and wrong for the United States.

How the United States Wins:

1.  Start the right players.

Obviously the best place to begin is with the starting lineup.  For some unknown reason Bob Bradley is in love with Robbie Findley and keeps starting him.  However thanks to a terrible handball call (the ball hit him in the face) Findley got a second yellow and can’t play.  In my opinion it’s a blessing in disguise for the US.  But only if Bradley starts Edson Buddle in his place.  Buddle is big and strong which will be needed against the equally big and strong Algerian center backs.  Dempsey didn’t impress when he was at forward against Slovenia and Hurculez Gomez would be swallowed.  Buddle is the best option.

Bradley also needs to pay attention to what Maurice Edu was able to in the second half against Slovenia and pair him with Michael Bradley to start the game. Both players are smart defenders and able passers and strong on set plays so it would be worthwhile to have both playing.  Ricardo Clark is another option off the bench but he gives little to nothing offensively and has lapses on defense.

The third position that needs to be fixed is Oguchi Onyewu.  I have been one of his biggest fans for a long time but right now he just isn’t all there physically.  He’s been at fault in one way or another on all of the goals the US has allowed and just isn’t quick and decisive enough.  Plus his weak play has put more pressure on the other members of the back line which has affected their ability to help on the offensive side of things.  Jonathan Spector or Clarence Goodson would both be good in the middle however I see Spector as the one who should get the nod seeing how him and Jay DeMerit paired together well in the Confed Cup last summer.

2.  Attack

It’s quite simple.  The best way to score is to put pressure on your opponent and the best way to apply pressure is to attack.  The US has allowed a goal in the first 15 minutes of each game thus far.  In the second against Slovenia they attacked, forced an error, and scored in the first 2 minutes.  Crazy how that works huh.  Algeria will look to take advantage of the US sitting back early so the US needs to come out strong and make Algeria make a save early on.

3.  Create own breaks

The US has scored on 2 mistakes and 1 counterattack.  This will be the game where they will need to have some solid buildup and create space and take advantage of the space.  Whether it be from a long shot and rebound, a forward having a pass slipped through to them in the box, or just taking unexpected shots they United States need to be adventurous.  Composed yes, but adventurous.

How the US loses:

1.  Play boom ball

The United States it at its worst when the back and holding midfielders simply blast the ball forward and let the forwards chase it.  That plays right into the opponents hands and gives your defense no time to rest and regroup.  It also stretches out the US midfield creating passing lanes for Algeria.  If that happens for any length of time know that it will be a matter of time before Tim Howard is called up to save the rest of the Americans

2.  Grant Algeria a free pass to the outside

The Algerian strength is on the wings.  They will constantly attack out wide and play the ball into the middle.  If Algeria has too many free passes down the wings that will suck Dempsey and Donovan back on defense and seriously hurt the United States’ offensively.  However, if Cherundolo and Bocanegra are able to shut down the wings and force the slight Algerian midfielders into the middle it will play right into the US strength.

3.  Give Algeria confidence

If the United States starts slow and doesn’t attack Algeria would get bold and attack the US.  If the US doesn’t think Algeria is willing to attack and simply plays lackadaisical Algeria could sneak one through on the US.  If Algeria own a majority of the possession they will gain confidence and a confident Algerian side is tough to beat.  If you get them stressed they will make mistakes and it will cost them.

Overall the United States needs to simply play the first half against Algeria like the did the second against Slovenia.  If that happens the United States should find themselves ahead at halftime and then they can protect the lead.  If the United States start slow and wait for Algeria to make a mistake they may simply find themselves on the next plane home to the US.  I think the United States start fast and beat Algeria 2-0.